The National Cloud Technologists Association was created in 2012 with the intent to provide vendor-agnostic cloud technology training for IT professionals within all levels of an organization. In comparison with other cloud computing certifications, the NCTA CloudMASTER® certification demonstrates real-world knowledge through practical activities and lab exercises, allowing students to learn and showcase a complete portfolio of skills on a wide range of common cloud technologies.

Click for more detail on the Cloud Technologies, Cloud Operations, and Cloud Architecture courses, which lead to the CloudMASTER® Certification.

Complete Cloud Training

The three CloudMASTER® courses guide students through a wide expanse of cloud based technologies. Technologies covered include Microsoft Windows and Azure, Amazon Web Services, VMware, Linux, Google Docs, Drupal, Wordpress, OpenStack, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, Chef, and Chef Solo.

Practical Application

NCTA cloud training provides candidates with practical, hands-on, real-world experience. Candidates spend the majority of class time focused on self-driven use cases, as opposed to lectures on theoretical knowledge. The end result is a candidate with a full portfolio of cloud skills, and not just prerequisite knowledge of cloud concepts.

Industry Recognized

Hundreds of candidate have already received their CloudMASTER® certificates, and we’re just getting started. We are making our courses available throughout commercial training and higher education, and can help organizations independently adopt the program for their employees. Stay tuned for news on formal certification availability!

Cloud Technologies

An overview of cloud computing will help you develop a deep understanding of the models and understand the landscape of technologies used in the cloud and those employed by users of cloud services. You will receive multiple points of view, first hand experience and a foundation in managing industry leading cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Drupal, Wordpress, Google Docs and Digital Ocean.

Cloud Operations

This module helps you study the management of cloud operations and addresses the application need for compute power, managing CPU scaling, and meeting both structured and unstructured storage requirements. You will learn how to painlessly deploy fairly complex applications that scale across multiple instances in cloud technologies including Windows Azure Chef, Chef Solo, Linux and Windows Tools.

Cloud Architecture

This module includes OpenShift, OpenStack, VMware, Amazon Web Services, Azure and Rackspace, and provides a framework to assess application performance needs while addressing business requirements of Return on Investment (ROI), Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Groups will complete a cloud assessment of Fortune 100 firms using public information and make presentations to the client.

Having started with the Mainframe and then the PC and Network Distribution, this is an excellent opportunity to view, learn and understand the latest in the IT world, Cloud Computing. The cloud computing courses offer an introduction and teaches the structure, features and more importantly the potential of the use of the Cloud.
R. Clark Webb
Senior Project Manager
New York Metropolitan Transit Authority

NCTA courses are now approved for CompTIA Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits!

By taking the following NCTA courses, students can claim 1 CEU per NCTA course hour towards maintaining the CompTIA certifications below:

NCTA Cloud Architecture – A+, Network+, Security+, Cloud+
NCTA Cloud Operations – A+, Network+, Cloud+, CASP
NCTA Cloud Technologies – A+, Network+, Cloud+, CASP

Richard Schatzberg, CEO

Richard is the Chief Commercial Officer of NeST Technologies, Inc., a global software services and business process/knowledge outsourcing firm. He leads North American operations and provides sales and business development leadership in other global markets. As a technology entrepreneur, he has founded several businesses that leverage technology to create positive social, economic and business impact.

Philip Failla, COO

Philip is an experienced corporate executive and has been an equity partner in a variety of businesses, including information technology, healthcare, office products and ecommerce. His background includes investment banking, corporate finance and ecommerce development and operations. He is currently an adviser to a growing business application and consulting company and a founding member of the National Cloud Technologists Association.

Hart Singh, CLO

Hart is the Chief Learning Officer of the National Cloud Technologists Association. An MIT-educated software entrepreneur, his passion is to spot large "under-your-nose" opportunities and solve the end-to-end problem. Previously, he co-founded Enforsys, an end-to-end police department Information System solution now used by more than 150 New Jersey police departments, 500 departments in 14 states and as a platform for Homeland Security.

Mohammad Zaman, Instructor

"Mo" is Director of Cloud Platform Services at Virtustream, which provides professional and operational services such as IT Infrastructure-as-a-Service, modern data centers, fully managed application solutions and security tools to large global enterprises. He specializes in designing, consulting, and executing IT strategy.

Jeffery Bryson, Executive Director

Jeffery is an experienced leader for over 35 years in the consulting and training industry. A founding member and Managing Partner of The Capabilities Group, his company specializes in the recruitment, development and leadership of high performing teams. He focuses on improving performance for executives, entrepreneurs, leaders and employees in the Fortune 500 marketplace.

Kevin L. Jackson, Instructor

Kevin is a senior information technologist specializing in solutions that meet critical commercial and government operational requirements. Currently working as an independent consultant, he has previously worked at NJVC, Sirius Computer Solutions, IBM, JP Morgan Chase and SENTEL Corporation.

The CloudMASTER® training provided hands on experience with managing and deploying DNS, MSFT 360, Google Apps, Drupal Gardens and much more. It also helped me gain hands on experience with IaaS and PaaS deployments and use of automation platforms such as Chef. Since completing the CloudMASTER® program and combined with my past work experience, I’m more comfortable working with senior level IT executives and truly understanding many of the challenges my customers and prospects face as they look to transform their business.
Michael Weill
Area Sales Manager

Hundreds of people around the world have taken NCTA training courses and earned their NCTA certificates - and we're just getting started!

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